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Information for the Main Metropolitan Cup

Class of race

  • Women/ Men: entire team consisting of women / men
  • Mixed: team consisting of 50% women / men
  • Open: all other teams, as well as participants from classes with less than 3 starters. For each three participants one price will be rewarded.

Starting autorisation

The competition is open to all paddlers, who are 18+. Participants under 18 years of age must add to the inscription documents an authorisation signed by a parent.
All participants have to ascertain that they do not suffer from any physical problems and that they are able to stand a high phycial effort of up to two continuous hours and that they know how to swim. In case of any doubt the participant has to undergo a medical exam and has to follow the medical advice.
In case the participant is obviously not in a health state allowing him/her to take part in the competition he/she may be excluded from the event by one of the Officials. This applies especially to clearly drunken participants.

Boat categories

Long distance: 15 km Short distance: 5 km
  • OC/V-1 with or without helm
  • OC/V-2 with or without helm
  • OC 6
  • Surfski
  • Kayak
  • SUP
  • OC 6 women

Sports equipment

The outrigger must be fixed to the left side. No spray covers are needed, but they are recommended in case of bad weather and strong wind. The minimum weight of the OC 6 is 130 kg only for the main hull. If a boat is considerable lighter, additional balancing weights are to be attached. The organizers reserves the right to check this on the spot.

Due to the professional shipping close by the race course, the use of a leash is mandatory. Participants under 18 years must wear life jackets.
It is a sporty fun race with a total length of 5 km along the Frankfurt skyline (please see the map). The focus here is the coming together, joint paddeling and the spread of SUP sport. Therefore, the event is addressed to any SUP enthusiasts with or without own board. All board classes are approved. Numerous spectators and relatives are very welcome.

The equipment has to be provided by the participants themselves and they have to take care that they do not present any danger to the canoeists nor to other participants. The competition management is entitled to refuse the start to participants and equipments that show obvious and proven deficiencies compared to the above requirements without reimbursement of the starting fee.

We can provide a limited number of boats, which can be hired by other teams. Our SUP sponsor SUP e.V. is supporting the MMC with the provision of SUP equipment for participants without own material.

Each participant has to fix the start number, which he can obtain at the registration, on the right hand side of the canoe (approx. 50 - 100 cms from the bow). Additional stickers p.ex. from sponsors distributed by the organizer have to be fixed to the canoe clearly visible.

As in the years before, attractive non-cash prizes will be raffled.


Youth hostel
There is the possibility to stay the nights at the Youth Hostel in rooms with 4, 8 or 10 beds. It is centrally located, close to the Main river on the south side of Frankfurt, in Sachsenhausen, approx. 2 kms upstream of the FKV boat house.
Prices, further information and booking:
Haus der Jugend Frankfurt
Deutschherrnufer 12
60594 Frankfurt
Phone: 069 / 61 00 15 0

Camping is possible on grounds belonging to the FKV Club at the Niederräder riverside (approx. 2.5 kms downstream from the FKV boat house) on request.